Live the way you want to live.

Big World Homes have built a prototype for a transitional housing product for Big World Communities Inc. that offers a solution to people currently unable to get into home ownership.

  • A Big World Home is a modular, mobile, off-grid housing system made from structural-thermal-waterproof integrated panels.

  • It offers a new kind of asset rung for those who are finding it difficult to enter the market.

  • It’s ordered online, arrives flat-packed and can be built by two people over a few days using simple tools, making incredible savings on labour.

  • Modular, portable, flat-packed housing system.
  • 39 digitally manufactured flat-pack panels.
  • Structural-thermal-waterproof integrated design.

  • Off-grid energy & water
  • Low environmental impact materials.
  • Can be built by two people over a couple of days with online support.

“It will basically free people to live how they want to live, rather than being chained to assets.”


Australia’s five major metropolitan cities have been classified as ‘severely unaffordable’ for the past 11 years.

The generational gap is widening, wages are declining, relative prices increasing, and most mortgages continue to go to existing home owners.

It is increasingly difficult for people renting to be able to break into home ownership. There is a missing rung on the home ownership ladder.

Young people want the freedom that comes with being in control of their finances, and not at the mercy of the bank. They want to be part of something bigger than themselves.

By dis-locating land costs and labour expenses a Big World Home cuts up to 80% of the typical costs of a similar stand-alone dwelling.

This means a young person or couple can increase their savings until they are ready to move onto the next rung of home ownership.

Take a look into the assembly of a Big World Home.

Our team are assembling a Big World Home down at the warehouse in Alexandria.

Two people working with just a drill and a mallet to create 39 the structural-thermal-waterproof integrated panels.

A few screws are fixed into pre-drilled holes.

A panel is completed in less than an hour.

Each panel weighs only 15kg, meaning it is lightweight and safe to handle.

Ingeniously, all the wall and roof modules are installed from the inside. You never need to get on the roof to install anything. Here you can see the crew putting half the walls and roof structure up in half an hour.

Our crowd-funding backer, Mickey Kovari, takes us on a tour through a Big World Home.



The re-thinking of ‘space’ and ‘wealth’ is to housing what the sharing economy was to capitalism – Big World Homes has an expansive effect, creating a new life and new communities in the city.

The real opportunity for Big World Homes owners lies in the hosting of these homes on unactivated urban sites where Big World Homes off-grid communities can form.

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When it comes to housing, it’s time to think big, and the answer isn’t small.

It’s all about the collective.