Your Place In Something Bigger

“The lecturer stopped reading from his notes, and started speaking with so much passion that you could feel the energy in the room change. When he finished, we stood up as one and applauded.”

“It was a small company, but sometimes a project took on an energy of it’s own and it was like we were part of something bigger – as if we were feeding off each other. That was when we came up with our best ideas, and had our greatest successes.”

“We played in the sun, and it felt like the world was brighter. Without intending to, I think we shaped reality into exactly what we wanted –  unbridled joy, freedom and love.”

A conversation with a single person who is like you – positive and eager to contribute more to the world than simply existing, is a powerful, infectious and inspiring experience. Afterwards, you feel motivated – not to work harder but to change the way people think, and how the world operates. This is the power of energy, and it exists within all of us.

We have all had times in our lives when we have been around groups of people who echo our own thoughts, and beliefs. Even as you remember those experiences now, you can probably feel the energy rising within you and a smile forming, because the power of those encounters echoes through your existence and for the rest of your life. You can still feel the experience, hear the voices and the emotions still surge through you – inspiration and an awareness of the limitless possibilities that exist within you.

Big World Homes Communities aims to bring those feelings into every part of people’s lives. Those experiences shouldn’t be limited to less than 1% of your existence, and you shouldn’t need to look back on them fondly – they should be a part of your day to day existence.

What could groups of people, committed to achieving greatness, accomplish if they were living side-by-side?

What would your life be like if you were one of those people?

Together, you will create something special, by living in harmony and happiness with others –  a sustainable, inspiring and joyful existence. Life as it should be.

The neighbourhood reinvented.

Welcome to the new village.

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