Why a Tiny House Means a Massive Life

When we speak to the owners of tiny homes, we like to ask about their lifestyle, and how a smaller living space impacts on them, day-to-day.
It’s logical to think that a small home would mean limited possibilities – but the opposite is true.
You see, a tiny home makes your own space functional, and the rest of the world accessible.
It removes the complacency barrier between you, and the outside world, and forces you to think about how you interact with the wider world.
Tiny home owners, live extraordinarily large lives, seeing more, doing more and experiencing more – because their homes stops becoming a comfort zone, and instead serves the purpose it was intended for when our ancestors built the first shelter.
Do you remember camping when you were younger? Do you remember sitting outside, because your tent was for sleeping – not for socialising?
Do you remember waking up when the sun came up, and, without snoozing an alarm, bursting outside, ready to face the day and have adventures?
Big World Homes, is living without the training wheels.
We are creating small homes, within inspired communities, for big lives that want more than evenings spent watching TV, and wasted days on the couch.

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