The Place Where Greatness Lives

The crossroads between life, success and happiness is where miracles occur. When the day-to-day lives of motivated and positive people become congruent with their feelings and aspirations, there is little they can’t achieve.

There is a reason Silicon Valley keeps creating technology that changes the world and it’s the same reason that Florence in the 1500’s became the birthplace of extraordinary paintings, sculptures and ideas, alien to the world at the time. As remarkable as it is that Raphael, Michelangelo, Machiavelli and Dante inhabited the same city, in the future others will look in awe at Silicon Valley as the place that gave us Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, and Sergey Brin. These places are incubators of genius, not because of the systems they have in place, or the availability of creative spaces and pleasant vistas.

Silicon Valley and Florence are the same – they are a place to live, breathe and exude your passion, they are a source of light in a world of creative darkness. You don’t go home from passion at night and forget about it until the following morning; passion haunts your dreams and finds it’s way into every portion of your existence. It inspires, creates, and builds upon itself until it takes on a life of its own. Other people come to understand your passion and seek to learn more, and like the venture capitalists of Silicon Valley, or the Medicis in Renaissance Florence, greatness is recognised, encouraged and flourishes, as the environment itself learns and adapts to greatness, in turn forming an ecosystem that recognises, cultivates and nurtures it.

Welcome to the next Renaissance. Big World Homes is bringing you together with other inspired and motivated visionaries and creatives – not in a shared office, or business program, but in an environment where you can live, play and experience life as it should be.

Through creating affordable neighbourhoods that attract like-minded and motivated people, focused on a simpler way of living and a different approach to life, we’re creating something that will redefine what people call home, and what they see as being important.

Join us in making Sydney a beacon of light.

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