Solving The Housing Crisis Is About Aspiration, Not Charity

Young, successful people don’t want charity – they seek a better path, than taking on insane amounts of debt and limiting their financial options to purchase a home.
As a society, we have approached this issue from many angles – trying to make housing more affordable, first home buyers grants and adjustments to economic policy. Developers have attempted to build subdivisions in urban sprawl zones, thus offering aspirational people the chance to forego their hopes of living somewhere unique and special.
While speaking to this group of successful entrepreneurs and executives, we had some interesting findings.

They don’t want what their parents wanted.

They’ve seen the pointlessness of accumulation. Many of their friends and family have worked hard to purchase a new car, limitless toys and, as one person said, “ego-based junk.” The new success revolves around something far less tangible.

They want freedom

They don’t want to be tied to a mortgage, or restricted by what they are expected to do; they want to the freedom to do things with their lives, over and above getting on the property ladder. When the time comes, they may want to run their own business – and if that time is already here, they don’t want their options to be limited financially in the event of an economic downturn. They understand uncertainty, and the concept of accumulating hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of debt for decades on end seems strange to them.

They don’t want it for themselves

Twenty years ago, young businesspeople and aspirational executives were being taught the importance of manipulation, sales and adaptive communication. Now, mindfulness, spirituality and self-awareness are critical elements to ongoing success – and part of that is taking the human experience, and sharing it with others. Many of those we spoke to, remember playing with children on their street, while their parents chatted, or had a barbeque. They remember being dropped off at the neighbour’s while mum or dad grabbed some groceries from the shop. They remember the sense of community, and they want that feeling back, for society, for themselves and their children.

Big World Homes, aims to bring back the sense of community to neighbourhoods. It will bring low-cost, effective and enjoyable housing to groups of like-minded people. Solving the housing crisis isn’t about saving anyone – it’s about creating something better than we’ve already got.

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