Neighbours, Friends, Defenders

Common sense used to reign.
Our parents let us climb trees, not only for fun, but also to fall – and learn.
Children used to play together, without supervision.
They didn’t need it.
The streets were no more safe, and bad people still lurked, but there was something far more powerful that kept children safe.
Neighbours would act if something was wrong. If a child misbehaves, a neighbour would feel comfortable stepping in because the community had shared beliefs and communal values.
We knew the difference between right and wrong and were not afraid to stop wrongdoing.
We knew each other, and if someone entered our community, trying to hurt us, we would defend ourselves against them.
The world changed, and we started to re-prioritise. We thought that by focusing inwardly, on individual achievement over the greater good, we would feel more empowered, confident and would achieve more.
But, we were misled.
Standing alone isn’t empowering and confidence inspiring, it’s lonely, and disempowering.
Big World Homes aims to bring back the power of the community, for the modern age. It’s a leap forward, through taking the best of the past and combining it with what we’ve learnt to create something inclusive, accepting and caring.
Because our kids need to climb more trees.

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