Fundraiser Innovation Lab.
Held on 29th September 2016, Sydney, Australia

On Sept 29, 2016, we launched Big World Homes with a one-day intensive Innovation Lab. Our Founding Collective of thinkers, makers and visionaries came together to steward the Big World Homes affordable housing vision.

Big World Homes is the maker of a new flat-packed, off-grid affordable home.

Big World Communities is a not-for-profit that negotiates land for off-grid, affordable home owners.

We are fundraising to build the first two Big World Homes, to be owned by Big World Communities to kickstart the first community location.

It’s time to improve equity in housing
and increase our shared prosperity.


What we need Your help to solve.

At the lab we generated ideas and partnerships to:

  • Build the first pilot site.

We are establishing partnerships with our first site hosts and need your ideas for more. Who has unused land they want activated? Who has a need to house people undergoing a transitional stage in life? What other ways can we leverage the needs and opportunities at hand?

  • Foster Relationships.

Technically a Big World Home is a registered vehicle, and is not subject to normal Development Application processes. That said, Big World Homes wants to forge win-win partnerships with proactive Councils who want creative solutions to space creation in their constituency. Help us grow these relationships.

  • Shape the Business Model.

A Big World Home comes to eligible affordable housing candidates with no margins on top of material costs. We are keen to build partnerships to innovate the business model and ensure long term sustainability.

We believe that radical ideas for shaping our urban future cannot be achieved alone.

Help us make history & join our
Fundraiser Innovation Lab.


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By coming together, we can think Big.

Our Innovation Lab was designed to:

  • Bring Australia’s leading brands into the room to envision and design powerful partnerships for a dynamic housing future.
  • Spark inspiration and new ideas through in-depth master classes and interactive workshopping sessions.
  • Build a tight Collective of experts who can continue to develop new:
  • Shared value partnerships
  • Innovative & integrated products
  • Joint ventures
  • Investment opportunities

It’s time to build our collaborative capital.
To turn our ideas into a movement.


What we did.

  • We firstly got inside the first ever Big World Home, hot off the production line, and learned all about it’s patented systems and user-centred design.

  • We then worked across two Lab streams to help expand and innovate on the core challenges of Big World Homes & Big World Communities. We will collaborate on:

A. Business models; Products; Partnerships and new Investment opportunities; and

B. Digital fabrication; Distributed manufacturing; Structural facade systems; and User-centred construction – through the experience of building a Big World Home in one day.

  • We came together for presentations, to share the fruits of our collaboration.

  • We enjoyed great food and breakout experiences in an industrial warehouse setting.

  • And we invited the greater cohort of Big World Homes supporters to join us from 5pm for the Launch Party of Big World Homes.

Some topics we explored in detail.


Through numerous prototypes, we’ve designed a construction method that requires no scaffolding or builder expertise, just two ordinary people armed with a drill and hammer.

You’ll get to:

  • Find out how we’ve removed the cost of labour out of building a Big World Home
  • Learn more about our structural-thermal-waterproof integrated system
  • Learn about the inventor’s journey interactively, by actually building a Big World Home and in conversation with the creators.


We have discovered the mindset and tools you need to take a nascent idea from isolated product to scalable collaborative that increases the potential for real impact.

You’ll explore:

  • How to build successful urban venture communities
  • Why cities like Sydney need collaboration more than we need competition
  • How to finance and sustain the urban innovation journey with the support of the collective


We are establishing partnerships with our first site hosts and need your ideas for more. Who has unused land they want activated? Who has a need to house people undergoing a transitional stage in life?

You’ll discuss:

  • The conceptual leap to move from our fixed notion of housing to a transitional housing model
  • What the future of Australian urban communities will look like, and how we can shape it
  • How to develop alternative housing models that increase equity and prosperity

We believe hunger is powerful when shared.


More about Big World Homes:

A Big World Home is a transitional housing product that offers a solution to people currently unable to get into home ownership.

  • A Big World Home is a modular, mobile, off-grid housing system made from structural-thermal-waterproof integrated panels.

  • For just 65K, it offers a new kind of asset rung to support the transition from renting to buying.

  • It’s ordered online, arrives flat-packed and can be built by two people over a few days using simple tools, making incredible savings on labour.

  • Modular, portable, flat-packed housing system.
  • 39 digitally manufactured flat-pack panels.
  • Structural-thermal-waterproof integrated design.

  • Off-grid energy & water
  • Low environmental impact materials.
  • Can be built by two people over a couple of days with online support.

By dis-locating land costs and labour expenses a Big World Home cuts up to 80% of the typical costs of a commensurate stand-alone dwelling. This offers a young person or couple a transitional housing solution between renting and conventional ownership.

Big World Communities is a not-for-profit that works in partnership with developers, councils, community groups and individual landowners to locate off-grid home owner communities on unused land.

  • This might be land awaiting development, or land that is unused in the long term. Or it could be the back yard of someone wanting to increase the activation and value of their site.
  • Big World Communities bring vitality and life to these sites, building place and embedding culture.

  • Landowners build public and local community good-will and have an affordable way to make use of their land.
  • Cultural events enhance community life, e.g. arts, education, music, gardening, markets, kid’s programs, multicultural activities.

Groundbreaking movements
are only as strong as their community

Who We Are.

Alexander Symes – Big World Homes, Founder & Architect

Alex is a NSW registered, practicing Architect who combines a scientific approach to sustainability, a pragmatic response to budget and function, and a poetic approach to how an environment is experienced. With over 14 years experience working for Arup, g+v Architecture and Gunter Schwartz design, Alex has a diverse design and technical skill set – from the design of furniture to the world’s most sustainable skyscrapers.

Dr Joanne Jakovich – Big World Communities

Dr Joanne Jakovich is the Founder of SOUP, a convening platform for transforming early-stage ideas into collaborative urban ventures. Joanne is an expert in collaborative innovation and its application to urban planning, development and stakeholder consultation. Joanne works with government and corporate organisations on a diverse range of topics including corporate entrepreneurship, design thinking, business model innovation, citizen engagement in planning, collective impact, peer-to-peer urbanism, open innovation, crowd-sourcing, creative and lateral thinking. She is the editor of four books on innovation and urbanism and presents regularly to public and professional audiences.

Our Advocates.


Lauren Capelin -Reinventure
Patrick Crooks -Fusion Labs
David Gravina – Future Friendly
Selena Griffith – UNSW

Timothy Horton – NSW Architects Registration Board

Bruce Jeffreys – GoGet & Dresden Optics

Gareth Johnston – Future Ready

Kylie Legge – Place Partners

Jess Miller – Republic of Everyone

Avis Mulhall – Think Act Change

John O’Callaghan – JOC Consulting

Dr Tim Rayner – School of Life

Jess Scully – Vivid Ideas Curator

Martin Stewart-Weeks – Author & Consultant

Michelle Tabet – Left Bank Co

Tea Uglow – Google Creative Lab

Michelle Williams – Creative +

Dr Tim Williams – Committee for Sydney


Sponsors & Partners.

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