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Our FAQs are here to answer any questions you might have about Big World Homes.

A Big World Home feels nothing like a typical caravan. It is designed to be off-grid from the outset, requires no customisation to operate and is completely disconnected from town power, water and waste. Instead of using plastics, fibreglass and glues that contribute to environmental degradation, each Big World Home is made from sustainably sourced plywood which is screwed and bolted together. The result is higher ceilings, natural timber finishes and lots of daylight. The kicker?, it can be assembled by a few mates over the course of a long weekend! That sense of building a home with close friends and family rates pretty highly on the ‘achievement’ scale.
We have designed every component by considering its ease of assembly for even the least confident with a hammer! Each piece has been CNC (Computer Numeric Control) cut with millimetre precision which means no dangerous cutting tools are needed. Armed with an easy to follow assembly guide and online video material, assembling the wall panels with nothing more than a hammer, Impact driver and spanner is as easy as assembling an IKEA sofa.
We are working with mobile labour applications to establish a community of people that know how to build a Big World Home. In the near future, you can hire labour for a few hours or for 3 days so you can just move straight in!
We also can deliver a complete Big World Home directly to you for an additional cost (to be confirmed).
We have designed the Big World Home so that the construction process is the safest on the market. That means that each panel is a safe carrying weight for one person to manage and erection of the wall panels is from the inside, including the roof! Say good riddance to scaffolding and working at dangerous heights.
There are two potable (fresh) water tanks under the floor. This is used for all cooking, cleaning and showering purposes. Rainwater is collected from the roof to top up the tank. Additionally the tank can be topped up with town water.
A 1-kilowatt photovoltaic system is included, with a battery pack that provides 4 days worth of power when the sun isn’t shining. This powers all the lighting, fridge, one stove burner, washing machine and grill. Gas bottles provide for a further 3 stove burners and hot water for the shower and taps.
The wall & ceiling wall both have the following composition; 10mm fluted plastic Danpalon sheet, 9mm vented air gap, 40mm high density Polyisocyanurate Insulation, silver backed both sides and 9mm Hoop Pine plywood sheet internal finish which achieves an R rating of 2.0.
The shower is clad in formply, which has a waterproof layer bonded to the plywood. The cut edges are treated with the same waterproof coating.
Everything you see! This includes Stove, Grill, Range hood, washing machine, Fridge & Freezer and Sink.
Each Big World Home is 13.75sqm (shower, toilet, open plan kitchen and living room which converts to bedroom at night). To increase space, one module can be connected to one another, to create a limitless array of rooms and spaces! These connections can be made through each of the three openings in each Big World Home.
We are currently working to optimise our prefabricated shelving solutions in the Kitchen and Living spaces. We are also optimising the structure so that many of the products from the IKEA catalogue can be easily integrated. This includes clothing hanging space and large shelves for bulky items.
Each Big World Home has been engineered to love being on the road as well as being stationary. This means that you can move it anywhere, anytime (with a vehicle that can tow 2.5 tonnes, e.g. a regular 4WD).
Each Big World Home is built on a trailer and therefore is a registered vehicle. There are no rules in most councils that govern the use of registered vehicles on private property; they are not required to go through the lengthy and costly DA approval process. However, we are working with local councils to make the process easy. We recommend that you have consulted with your immediate neighbours regarding position and orientation prior to delivery. Many regional councils in fact welcome off-grid housing solutions on wheels.
We are currently working closely with selected developers and agencies that own land to establish Big World Home Communities. These are affordable sites for off-grid homeowners to site their homes. We will make more information available on our Communities page as soon as the first location is confirmed.
We are currently in discussions with lenders to develop a new asset class that makes it easier to purchase a Big World Home.

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