Places for positive people to live, work and play.

Big World Communities is a not-for-profit that works in partnership with developers, councils, community groups and individual landowners to locate off-grid home owner communities on unused land.

A range of cultural, activation, tourism, educational and shared activities can be found in Big Word Homes communities, tapping into the growing trend of sustainable co-living.
As families grow they can reconfigure their Big World Home, adding extra modules to accommodate their needs. They don’t need an enormous deposit to get started.

We are re-thinking ‘space’ and ‘wealth’ – Big World Homes has an expansive effect, creating a new life and new communities in the city.

Creating vibrant communities.

  • Big World Homes pop-up communities bring character and life to the sites, building place and brand awareness.

  • Landowners build public and local community good-will on a site, sometimes in the long period before development begins.

  • Big World Communities are activated with cultural events that enhance community life, such as arts, music, gardening, markets, kid's activities, and multicultural events.

The Big World Communities concept is emerging as we prototype the first Big World Home.

Get involved by joining our Founding Collective or coming along to our Fundraiser Innovation Lab.

When it comes to housing, it’s time to think big, and the answer isn’t small.

It’s all about the collective.