Call for Applications – Closed on 3rd Aug 2016


  • Are you a young person who’s interested in urban life and looking to launch your personal brand?

  • Are you a natural storyteller and excited when the camera points your way?

  • Are you passionate about young people’s issues, in particular those of intergenerational equity and opportunity?

  • Do you have an interesting lifestyle or life story that you want to share with the world?

  • Are you always ready for an adventure and are you ready to undertake a media training experience like no other?


It’s time to upturn Sydney’s housing affordability challenge:
Big World Homes is searching for a talented Ambassador to help them share their mission with the world.


A call to emerging media personalities

The Call.
Big World Homes is looking for a unique aspiring actor/journalist/media personality to join them on an exciting journey to launch a revolutionary form of affordable housing.

If you are the successful applicant, you will join the Big World Homes team as the ‘GenY/Millennial Ambassador’* to promote the new housing model through an experiential journalism project. (*Title will reflect your age!)

But First,
Let us introduce ’Big World Homes’, the brainchild of Alexander Symes who is on a mission to bring digital manufacturing to the new trend of minimalist living in order to create a breakthrough affordable housing product that targets the impossible leap from renting to buying for young people.

A Big World Home is a modular, mobile, off-grid housing system made from structural-thermal-waterproof integrated panels. For just 60K, it offers a new kind of asset rung for young people. It’s ordered online, arrives flat-packed and can be built by two people over a few days using simple tools, making incredible savings on labour. It’s IKEA meets tiny homes.

The Launch.
On October 1st, 2016, we are launching the first ever Big World Home at the Sydney Architecture Festival. In the lead up to the festival we are running a crowdfunding campaign to raise the funds to build it, and across the whole of 2017 all of the crowdfunding backers are taking turns to live in the Big World Home.

. . . Except for 17 weeks of 2017.

You see, for every 2 nights that are pre-sold on our crowdfunding campaign, 1 night will be donated to you, the Big World Homes GenY/Millennial Ambassador.

By selling exactly 35 weeks of crowdfunded bookings, Big World Homes will raise 17 weeks of free accommodation to give to you, to enable you to live an extraordinary soujourn in a Big World home and share your experience with the world.

The Gig.
In exchange for 4 months of free accommodation in the world’s first Big World Home, you will develop an experiential journalism project to discuss the issue of housing affordability in Sydney, bringing in your experience of living in a Big World Home.

You’re welcome to integrate a range of platforms or media stunts into the project, with the grand vision of building a personal, experiential narrative that will grow a global audience of followers.

Yep, this is your moment!


Get a springboard
to launch your media profile.

So, to summarise:

1. What you get:

  • 17 weeks of free accommodation in the first Big World Home in 2017.
  • A 12-month part time Ambassadorship with Big World Homes, shaped around your other commitments and unique talents (trial period starts 15 Aug 2016).
  • A platform to springboard your media profile, building your public and professional following and preparing you for a career in the emerging experiential media industry.
  • Guidance and collaboration with the Big World Homes team and our network of media professionals to support your project and provide extra exposure.
  • Mentorship from an assigned Big World Homes team member to specifically guide your project and professional development.
  • An opportunity to shape this first experiential journalism project for Big World Homes into a documentary proposal for mainstream TV.


2. What Big World Homes requires:

  • You will be the face and the story for the Big World Homes crowdfunding campaign and media launch, happening from August to October 2016.
  • We will work together to frame up your experiential journalism project from October, putting a strong social media strategy into place to grow your audience and reach, making sure it fits into your ambitious career goals.
  • You will deliver your proposed project elements across the 12 months, focusing on the 17 weeks that you live in the Big World Home. These can be blogging, video logging, social media, mainstream media, or any other format you convince us will rock the world! The key is to tell your personal story and intertwine it into important issues surrounding housing affordability for young people, bringing a personalised, experiential angle to the issues.


Find your feet
in the world.

Here’s how to apply.

Application Materials:

  • A self-introduction video of maximum length 2 minutes (submit link only).
  • A short essay* about yourself, including:
  • Why you are the right person to become the Big World Homes GenY/Millennial Ambassador and where your career ambitions lie;
  • What your life is like; Your unique lifestyle or life story that you want to share with the world; Whether you have a job and what it is;
  • How far you commute to study or work, and your views about this;
  • Your specific interest in young people’s issues, such as those of intergenerational equity and opportunity.
  • (*Total maximum length of essay is 500 words).
  • A sample blog post or previous essay or article. The topic is irrelevant; choose a piece that shows us how you express yourself with words. (While we may choose to focus the Ambassadorship on non-written media, there is a chance you’ll do some writing at some point. Don’t stress if it’s not your strong point; we can accommodate all kinds of talent.)
  • Links to your current social media profile and activities; Links to other portfolio items (e.g. photography, film) as relevant. (Connect to Big World Homes social media – listed in footer.)
  • A 1-page Curriculum Vitae / Resume.
  • Evidence of passion for young people’s issues; e.g. previous activism, volunteering, projects, study, work, or personal interest taken.
  • A 1-page/1-minute proposal on how you might develop your experiential journalism project. What would you write/blog/vlog about and how would you deliver it to capture an audience?

Submit your application to:

  • Format your submission for the above questions into a PDF that is less than 10MB.
  • DO NOT send videos, only links embedded in your PDF.
  • Late submissions will not be reviewed. Applications close midnight AEST, 3rd August 2016.


Judging Criteria:

  • Fulfil eligibility, but also has a distinctive component of interest. What makes you unique?
  • Creativity and originality of 1-page/1-minute proposal.
  • Storytelling ability (verbal or written) – Do you have an engaging and personable tone and flow; Do you capture an audience’s interest.
  • Evidence of passion about young people’s challenges, such as intergenerational equity and opportunity issues.

Assessment Process:

  • Digital submissions of applications

    Applications close Midnight (AEST) Wed 3rd August, 2016.

  • Notification of interviews

    Friday 5th August, 2016.

  • Candidate interviews

    8th – 11th of August, 2016.

  • Notification of successful applicant

    12th August, 2016.


Ambassadorship Dates:

  • 2-month trial which includes the Crowdfunding Campaign & Big World Homes Launch starts mid-August and goes through to mid-October, 2016.
  • Following the trial period, a 10-month formal contract will be co-designed with you, the Ambassador, allowing for details of the program and location for the first Big World Home to be finalised based on where you study or work.
  • The accommodation component of the Ambassadorship will most likely occur in 2017. This will depend on the Big World Homes location partner’s availability of land to host the home.

Build your global following
of Big World Homes fans.



Do you have a question that’s not here? Email us at:

More about Big World Homes.

  • All of Australia’s five major metropolitan cities have been classified as ‘severely unaffordable’ for the past 11 years. Young people are finding it more difficult to enter the market; the generational gap is widening, wages are declining, relative prices increasing, and most mortgages continue to go to existing home owners. It’s time to upturn the housing affordability challenge, and we invite you on the journey!
  • Big World Homes is a new social enterprise aiming to shake up the barriers to housing ownership in Sydney. Big World Homes was founded by Alexander Symes in 2014, when he became frustrated at the lack of opportunity for young people to live in Sydney affordably.
  • Coming from an architecture and engineering background, Alex saw an opportunity to fill the gap between renting and buying your first home, and decided to create a home to bridge that gap.

    By dis-locating land costs and labour expenses (you move it onto available land, and you build it yourself) a Big World Home cuts up to 80% of the typical costs of a commensurate stand-alone dwelling, and comes to the market at AUD$60-80K per home.

  • This means a young person (or a couple) can cease renting and direct their savings to playing the game – home ownership, until they are ready to move onto the next rung.

    This is not to say that young people should make compromises and live in tiny homes! But that the re-conceptualisation of ‘space’ and ‘wealth’ is to housing what the sharing economy was to capitalism – Big World Homes has an expansive effect, creating a new life and new communities in the city for their owners.

Please note.

  • We are currently negotiating the location for this first Big World Home. The full enactment of this Ambassadorship will be finalised in October 2016 when we have confirmed the land sponsor.
  • Big World Homes reserves the right to select the final candidate for the Ambassador role based on the judging criteria.
  • The successful applicant will undertake a 2-month trial period, during which the crowdfunding video and press media for the Launch of the first Big World Home at the Sydney Architecture Festival will be developed. This period will provide time to shape the program for the Ambassador, focusing on the skills and availability of the successful applicant.
  • Big World Homes is super excited about the incredible partnership it is about to develop with its very first GenY/Millennial Ambassador. However, if the need arises, Big World Homes reserves the right to cancel the program at their discretion.
  • If the Ambassador role is not working out for the selected applicant, Big World Homes requires 4 weeks notice to arrange a new candidate for the position.

When it comes to housing, it’s time to think big, and the answer isn’t small.

It’s all about the collective.